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MENS Apparel / 男性 衣類

남성 의류 사이트.온라인매장

WOMENS Apparel / 女性 衣類

여성 의류 사이트 온라인매장

Kids /


Shoes / 靴 / 신발 , 구두.여성화

Cosmetic /

Electric / /전자제품



Movie /

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 We,"PINKBOX", are offering the direct buying service from Korea to our overseas customers.

 Our goal is introducing korean products to the various customers over the world comfortably and easily.

 We continuously provides customers with happiness and unbeatable values through retail innovations based on the  global  cross  shopping internet Network.

 Korean best buying service, pinkbox, are offering high quality Korean buing service with Zero defect quality Korean fashion  items  to our customers, we always inspect all items piece by piece ever shipment at the best service fee. our longest history  and experience of  Korean fashion buying service skills with hard working system exists for customers happiness.



Korean buying service

 We, Pinkbox, made Korean buying service first time  in 2003, not just buy and ship, we put inspect and repacking systme with  skillful staffs  who are all have speciallist of  Korean fashion industry.

 We search Korean online shops and markets, and check the everything that relative to buying service, such as relaible  or if what  scam and fraud, and introduce trustable shops for our customers.

 Korean fashion shop buying service,Pinkbox, buy all items as a our customers mind, and make strict inspection and packing.

 Korean buying service Pinkbox, we have an other role for our customers, we are some kinds of insurance company, we hold  and keep customers's  money, even, shops closed, we can refund the all our customers money, 



Useful Korean

 We arranged some korean words that used many times in Korean websites for shopping, you can drag and drop the korean  words  into the "searching box" ,

 There are many Korean words, you can use short and simple words in Korean search bar in Korean portal internet website,

 Korean shoes -한국신발, 구두, Korean dress-한국 드레스, 원피스, Korean -한국, Korean shopping-한국쇼핑, Korean music-  가요.Korean women -한국 여성, Korean women clothing, -한국의성의류, Korean online shop-한국온라인숍, Korean fashion-  한국  패션, Korean trend- 한국의 유행, Korean shopping-한국쇼핑, buying serive-구매대행, Korean store-한국상점, Korean  shopping  shop-한국의 쇼핑점,




Estimate Self-Calculate

 You can down load and calculate your estimate cost by your self.

 All you have to do is that fill 2blue blanks( 1: Goods Price in KRW.  2: Estimate Internatioanl Shipping Charge in KRW)

 Local Delivery charge and currency rate changeable everytime.




Online Quotation

 You makes order through this Online Quotaion, or inquiry us your actual quotation.

 Make sure that you copy the goods/items URL in any Korena shops and paste,so that, we can see your goods,and make a  quotation for you faster.

 If you confirm on our quotation, paying invocie value, your order will be arrived in your hand within 7~12days, after your confirm.




Q&A Board

 If you have any questions, pls. let us know, we will reply promptly, You will rget the reply quickly, if not, pls.check spam folder.

 We are located in Korea, so, time diffrence will be amde, pls., refer to tiem zone.





Fashion Wholesale Service by pinkbox

 Pinkbox is offering wholesale Sevice for reseller or retails, Pls. visit watertonkorea.com and check betther price


 Korean buying serivceing for Korean fashion from various Korean online shop, we will offer a reliable and trustable service with  high quality system- Pinkbox


Pinkbox not responsible for the shopping goods,items,merchandise,which choosed by customers. we,therfore, need our customers to select their merchadise with care




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