Welcome to RoyalHSE Co.,

We are happy to introduce our company.

Since it’s foundation in 2003, Royal hair Salon Equipment has grown steadily in the manufacturing and exporting industry. along with  our office  located in Yangsan and Incheon(Factory), we have been producing our quality Hair Styling chairs and Shampoo/Washing units to our overseas professional customers.


We have started our business into manufacturing and exporting our quality Hair Salon Chair and Shampoo units to JAPAN and USA, CANADA markets since 2003.


We “RoyalHSE” are focusing on producing and providing perfect quality products to our customers at competitive Best price and unique design and styles will please our customer.

Mission Statement

•          Providing Perfect Quality product to our customers

•          Providing the fastest communication to our customers 

•          Managing C/S (customer satisfaction) business.

Our Goal is to be a leading Asian No.1 Trendy Salon manufacturer and provider.

We “RoyalHSE Co.,” will continually make great efforts to become a company that can be reliable, as your partner and to complete our goal.


                                                            Vision of RoyalHSE

1. Competitive Pricing

We have well organized systems and skillful workers in factory in Korea, promise our customers  Best competitive price comparing with perfect quality.

2. Trustable

We are registered company by government law. We provide best service with our practical experience in exporting, maufacturering.

3. Market Creating Technology

Experienced engineers with good understanding our customers want in their markets, and our trendy styles and functional designs, no mechnical troubles at reasonable price will give our customer to spread their markets.

4. Reliable and Prompt Warranty

All of products are delivered with our strict inspection, and reasonable warranty will be served in short time.

                                                            Company Profile

•         Company: RoyalHSE Co.,

•         County: Korea(South)

•         Product Segment/s: Hair Salon Shop Equipment

•         Date of Establishment: March. 2003.

•         Business Type: Manufacture, Exporter, Exporting Agent.

•         Business Registered#.: 128-23-99314

•         Address: 908, Soto-ri, Sangbuk-myeon, Yangsan-city,

                             Gyeongsangnam-do. Korea

•         TEL: +82 55 374 9417

•         E-mail : royalhse@korea.com / royalhsekorea@gmail.com



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