RoyalHSE Beauty Salon Chair and Backwash unit Packing

1. Basic Packing

We, basically pack Chair Top and Base into each Carton box separately to prevent damage from handling in delivery, The carton has an inner hard board for protect the products, but, some of chair.

The Size of boxes are different each design of Chairs and Backwash units, on average, Min.80~96 Salon chairs can be loaded for 20" Container, it could be adjusted by packing way or 24 backwash units can be loaded for 20" Container as Max.( it also little bit less depended on design of backwash unit)


Dimension for 20" Cintainer

Length : 590cm,  Width : 236cm,  Height : 238cm  

but, available space for products is 585cm(230inch), 230cm(90inch), 235cm(92inch)


2. Unassembly Packing

Chair base(Hydraulic Base) can be packed as separated, such as  Hydaulic Jacks, Brackets and each Bases and other parts, it's buyers request.


3. Packing View for Hiar Salon Chair


Beauty Styling Chair Top and Chair Base separate Packing :  1 Set 

Ave. Packing Size (Unit:cm) 64(62) x 64 x 64(60) for Chair Top and 62 X 64 X 42 for Chair Base (0.24~0.26 CBM / 0.17  CBM)

Ave. Packing Weight (Unit:kgs) 24kgs~28kgs for Chair Top and 9kgs~15kgs (Electric Base : 23kgs~32kgs)


3. Packing View for Backwash Unit


Backwash Unit Packing :   

Ave. Packing Size (Unit:cm) 130(140) x 70 x 115 for Unit, (1.05~1.13 CBM)_Included Bottom Pannel pallet

Ave. Packing Weight (Unit:kgs) 46kgs~54kgs.




ackwash Unit Styling Packing 



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